A smart testing concept
For more safety in the workplace

Individual test solutions for your company – from the concept to the test result from a single source.


After confirmation of the offer, we take care of everything. You focus on your work, employees and customers.

Results in 24 hours

The results are available within 24 hours and are sent as SMS or email.

Direct retesting

The pooling procedure is carried out in the laboratory and thus enables immediate retesting with no loss of time.

Online test status

You can also track the status of the tests at any time online via our own intuitive customer portal.

Pick up by courier

Thanks to our own courier with a large collecting area, flexible collection windows can be defined on different days.

Step by step to your individual test concept in 24 hours.

You would like to test your employees regularly and thus increase safety in the workplace and avoid possible quarantines. Follow our registration process.

Fill out the contact form

It only takes a few minutes and speeds up the clarification process.

Reaching the goal together

We define together and within a maximum of 20 minutes the key values of the test concept

  • Launch date
  • Number of employees
  • Locations
  • Location Manager
  • Regularity and testing days
  • Logistics handling
  • Access to our customer portal
  • Receipt of results via SMS and email

Our concept - tailored for you

Within 4 hours we will send you the elaborated concept and our offer. You confirm and we immediately start with the implementation.

Preparations and delivery of the material

The test materials and informational handouts are on their way. To ensure that the respective Location Managers are familiar with the process flows, they can obtain information in advance via our training website. The whole training takes only 15 minutes. On the training website you will also find instructions and assistance at any time.

First test day

Already the first test day takes place. From 50 tests per week, our courier will collect the test boxes from you free of charge between Biel, Berne, Burgdorf and Thun. Or you can also send the tests conveniently and simply by post with pre-franked boxes.

Rapid evaluation of the tests

The results are sent within 24 hours via email or SMS. The collected individual tests are analysed in the laboratory in pools of 4. If the results of a pool are positive, the existing individual tests are retested without any loss of time.

Fast and reliable

  • The first test day can already take place after 64 hours after your request
  • Test results within 24 hours as SMS or email
  • The tests can be carried out by the user without extensive training or additional effort.

Simple and convenient sampling

  • The saliva tests are convenient and quick to use
  • A helpful tutorial explains the process step by step
  • Pooling procedure is only carried out in the laboratory. No loss of time or retesting necessary.

Everything from one source

  • We take care of all the logistics, also thanks to our own courier
  • Check the test status online at any time via our customer portal

Get in touch with us.

CEO Simon Michel von Ypsomed über seine Erfahrung mit der ender diagnostics-Lösung für Unternehmenstests

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Set Transportmaterial für Probentransport, Post

– 20 Stück Rückversandboxen adressiert und vorfrankiert
– 20 Stück Sicherheitsbeutel für 1-8 Proben
– 1 Stück Anleitung Postversand

Set Transportmaterial für Probentransport, Kurier

– 1x ESL-TBB – Probentransportbox ESL mit Rack
– 1x Anleitung Logistik per Kurier

ender Samling Kit – Firmentestung, Small

– 100x Speichel Selbstabnahmekit “Ender Screening Solutions & Citotest”
– 120x Vial Mundspühlung NaCl
– 1x Poster Gebrauchsanweisung DE
– 50x Flyer Gebrauchsanweisung DE
– 50x Flyer “Vorgehen bei Positivem Testergebnis”

ender Samling Kit – Firmentestung, Large

– 500x Speichel Selbstabnahmekit “Ender Screening Solutions & Citotest”
– 600x Vial Mundspühlung NaCl
– 1x Poster Gebrauchsanweisung DE
– 50x Flyer Gebrauchsanweisung DE
– 50x Flyer “Vorgehen bei Positivem Testergebnis”